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Personal development books are an important part of my life. These books, along with my bible study and devotionals, bring clarity to a confusing world. One of my favorite books is called, “How to Live a Good Life“. This book inspires me to create and share October Sunshine Committee Ideas to help you live your best life and bring a little joy to the world.

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Mummy candybar with gift tag and ribbon for October Sunshine Committee Ideas

The book explores the topic of happiness and suggests that life is divided into 3 Good Life Buckets:

One important point of the book is “knowledge is meaningless without action”. We may know it's good to nourish relationships, but we must make an effort for them to grow.

I added time during my morning routine to contribute to my connection bucket. As a result, I send out cards and special gifts to friends, family, and customers. I love to create fun things and thought I'd share one with you.

supplies to use to create my October Sunshine Committee idea Mummy Candybar

Take the materials above to make a Mummy candy bar. Wrap it with the gift tags I created and you have an awesome gift to give to others. I made one tag for teachers and the other tag generic.

October Sunshine Committee Ideas

Since I run the social media for our nutrition clubs, I research special holidays to run promotions in the store. Here are just a few holidays in October I thought might be appropriate for teachers. Use the days below as a guide:

As you can see, there are a lot of great holidays in October. Grab your tag below and create your happy life!

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