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We Help Teachers Feel Confident

Simple lessons and strategies for digital learning to help educators fall in love with teaching again.

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Eliminate the Stress

Do you lack time to do 'all the things' required of you daily? At Tech with Jen, we create easy to use, innovative, resources and share simple digital learning strategies to help you reduce the stress and feel confident in your work. Where do you want to start? Choose your path below.

"Thank you for the positive, caring thoughts and strategies to make a school year less stressful and focus on my health and wellness. I've had a tough start to the school year, and your digital resources have given me hope and strategies that it will be okay."

- Confident Teacher -

Hey, Jen, here!

From the moment I decided to become a teacher, I imagined all the innovative lessons I would teach my students. But what happens when reality kicks in and the technology or lesson doesn't go as planned? Cue stress and frustration, right?

I've been in your shoes and have taught thousands of teachers to apply simple strategies to give them the confidence needed to improve their instruction, mindset, and life. I can teach you, too.

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"When a teacher lacks confidence or is concerned about the lack of time they have to reach their students' needs or spend time with their family, it steals the joy right out of teaching. That's why I started Tech with Jen. Our team wants to hand you the tools you need to reach your students and enjoy your family."

- Jen -

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